Miracle of Sight…

Miracles…II Kings 6:13-17. King of Syria sent spies & sent horses,chariots,great host against.Elisha. So in the morning the whole city was surrounded against Elisha. Servant of man of God rose early & said 2 Elisha .Alas, my master..How shall we do? (Here comes the miracle). He answered. Fear not: for they that be with us Are More than they that be with them.! Then Elisha prayed..Lord, I pray thee..OPEN HIS EYES ..that he may SEE…And The Lord opened his eyes..& BEHOLD the mountain was full of horses, chariots and FIRE round about Elisha from heaven on their behalf…..It was not those that where stopped that tried to come against Elisha…that was the miracle.nor ..on-going YES of .GOD”S provision with protection ….but the BIG ONE THIS TIME…was..the miracle that God opened Eyes of servant with the prayer and with the receiving of the sight immediately in the supernatural realm…. Plus in The Glory of God And Now You.. concerning your Need..See with eyes of faith which allow US to BE FREE of Fears, doubts and unbelief…


Blessings all around YOU NOW!

HOW LONG DO YOU PRE-SUPPOSE THAT YOU WILL KEEP LIVING THE LIFE GOD GAVE YOU…THE SAME WAY YOU ARE LIVING it NOW? DON’T you think HE HAS MORE FOR YOU besides the little 4-square you are living in called your fortress~~~the walls of JERICHO came down and so can yours ~~GIVE THE WHOLE SITUATION TO JESUS—NOW,,,,cry out to HIM HE IS LISTENING..you might be prospering in one area BUT YOU DO need JESUS IN ALL AREAS OF YOUR LIFE>>HE HAS IT THAT WAY SO YOU DO NOT LET HIM OUT OF YOUR LIFE —OR YOU HAVE NO LIFE and what you have is existence , emptiness and no reality of fullness of JESUS..HE HAS IT FOR YOU!!..maybe you don’t need to hear this..someone else does..CALL THOSE WHO REALLY COME ACROSS YOUR HEART in your prayer closet AND GIVE THEM A GOOD WORD FROM GOD SO THEY CAN GO ON INTO THE GLORY OF GOD AND WALK IN PURPOSE AND DESTINY!This said in SEC10726488_10203139064385254_1240173589_nRET can BE MADE TO BE SO as YOU BELIEVE for others that can not SEE THINGS YET?!If you can not touch them PRAY FOR THEM YOUR PRAYERS–given the fact you are in right standing with GOD through Jesus( I pray you be forgiven and go on into greater things of GOD–then you will really prosper first spiritually then naturally)– then you will touch His Heart and HE responds with great grace!!Your religious rituals will not work in a real relationship…HE WANTS YOUR HEART…it is broken and he can fix it~~ Instead of getting bitter and criticizing others for there progress in GOD..you can KNOW HIM FOR YOUR SELF as LOVER< SAVIOUR< DELIVERER< AND HEALER>>THIS IS WHAT YOU REALLY NEED IN THE COMING YEAR!!


Habakkuk 2:2-3

2          And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.

3          For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.

We remember the WORD and HE GIVES us all the Joy, Peace, and LOVE we want IN HIM..JESUS!

Blessings of The LOrd Making Us RIch!

GOD is GOOD all the TIME & through out eternity….that is a LONG LONG TIME—WE ARE BLESSED FOREVER!!

…Be comforted in HIS WORD –Jesus was broken for US and HE gave Himself for us..and HIS spoken WORD to YOU personally is FOREVER laid OUT as A COVENANT in HIS BLOOD.HOW AWESOME IS HE…..I am here to TELL YOU..that GOD has our LIVES in the Palms of HIS HANDS- we ARE the APPLE of HIS EYE so HE has a single EYE right on YOU TODAY!!…. so GIVE Your LIFE back to HIM daily.. all of it..get rid of your heavy load..Give it back to Him –your LIFE in CHRIST every second if need be to HIM as a offering..a sacrifice of PRAISE especially when your mind- or a thought unlike WHO GOD IS comes & tells you differently… for your enemy is devious & has access to air waves to try to promotes lies there( it is a battle for your mind in a big time way) & there is no truth in the evil ones and if you believe what you think that flies through your mind as a truth when it is wicked… u r thinking wrongly and will react and say things wrongly .consequence is…then that is when your soul sinks..You won’t be…I know what I say about this–you WON’T be able to soar with the EAGLES with your JOY OF THE LORD THAT IS YOUR STRENGTH…SO command Your Morning with Binding THE WORD of GOD to YOUR mind, heart ,soul ,with His strength by only believing what Jesus says in the WORD and read His WORDS over and over and SAY HIS WORDS when firey darts of enemy comes against you…for .GOD WILL DO WHAT HE SAYS HE WILL DO FOR YOU.SO COME against enemy with >>>>IT IS WRITTEN as Jesus has given us this example in Matt. 4:10 so with all this in THE MIND of CHRIST in HIS FULLNESS.PRAISE YE THE LORD….The Vision you really are and WHO GOD says YOU ARE….if it tarries we WAIT( that is what is called “”occupy”” in HIS GRACE that is sufficient for everything– while HE COMETH)..it is HIS TIMING, SEASON, and FASHION of HIS and OUR invincibility…HE ALWAYS WINS ..so is never defeated, never brought to shame, guilt or condemnation as Jesus Righteousness COVERS US as we are activated even the more in HIS WORDS and SO NOW WE DO WELL—to JUST RECEIVE ALL and WALK IN THE ALL inclusiveness of HIS JOY, LOVE, PEACE with understanding and wisdom!!..

The Abana River( El Barada) the name of a river that flows through Damascus. mentioned in the Bible only in  II Kings 5;12, where Naaman says, Are not Abana and Pharar , rivers of Damascus, Better than all the waters of Israel? It is called by the Greeks the Chrysorrhoas (golden stream)and is the same as the modern Barada, beginning about 23 miles NW of Damascus, in the mountains, it flows through Damascus, making the city, though bordering on a desert, one of the loveliest & Most fertile on earth. It divides into nine or ten branches, and spreads out like an open fan into the plain east of Damascus!for more than 4 thousand years the capital of one gov or another , Damascus, a prize for which nation after nation went to war, a city whose boast for centuries has been…written was said–” The WORLD  began at Damascus , and the world will end there”boasts many ..as we know IT..It is a modern focal point between many that Love IT, center to tourism and Focal Point NOW and interest of unrest.Written for the memory of a great city–was Paul who had been in route there to arrest the believers, then Saul was transformed into Paul in 3 days! What an OUT-RESURRECTION..!Acts 9: 1-18 He escaped his enemies of that city at that”” time-down”” the wall as by being let TO BE(hidden) in a “basket”!From a baby in a basket-Moses..to the fullness MAN of GOD-also allowing GOD to protect him in a mere basket..WHAT TRUST was the beginnings and continuing’s  of a Man of GOD…in such a manner as GOD decides through His servants…a suggestion to all WHOM need a whale,an bow in the sky, a reminder that Jesus is very man servants that will even again be USED to escort  BUT VERY GOD and will use THE VICTORY in JESUS with acceleration of what and who is AVAILABLE…to DO HIS WILL…even to the saving through even/and as ARK—–that is of COVENANT..and all we DO IS Believe to Receive…

some of this info written from the Zondervan Pictorial Bible Dfollowhim2-1 scan0010ictionary copyright 1963


LET US ALL Live and Post IN THE JOY OF THE LORD..—the GOOD NEWS OF the GOSPEL is THE going-to the top of the mulberry TREE..and SEEING the GLORY OF GOD cause you will be STANDING IN THE MT. ZION of your REDEMPTION at THIS POINT!!John 3:34 FOR he whom GOD hath sent speaketh THE WORDS OF GOD: for GOD giveth not the Spirit by measure UNTO HIM. He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting LIFE: and he that believeth NOT the Son shall not SEE LIFE: but the wrath of God abideth on him. John 3: 34,35  – to the future God has given us as Alpha & Omega– by THE Beginning of the reading with acceptance of WHAT GOD SPEAKS to YOU by precious HOLY GHOST.. the WORD IS THE allowing HIM to come INTO your living life to GIVE you life more abundantly SO YOU CAN SHARE HIM and that takes COURAGE to swim UP THE STREAM….in the prophetic WORD OF GOD & then YOU “”come back “..not to THE OLD..”yourself “”BUT AS GOD’S representative..as you walk out of those problems, yokes, depressions, oppressions,diseases IN the JOY OF THE LORD..THE SECRET PLACE is THE DEEP expression of the LOVE ..you do not have to ease INTO HIM..HE forcefully COMES INTO YOU BY the “”FORCE–of PASSION of HIS LOVE”taking BACK what belongs to HIM..You are the treasure hidden in the earthen vessel.spirit to spirit…JESUS and YOU ARE ONE. sharing the power, the LOVE, THE JOY, the PEACE of GOD..( as He has accepted YOU into the BELOVED and you do not have to stay on THE SAME LEVEL of just existing..LOOKING for another shopping around day of let me see what will satisfy me”thingy”….or that you live for a “”human”” or the human experience for your time is short and you just need to LIVE the GOLD..COME ON..you know inwardly THERE IS MORE to all THIS than meets your mere eyes…Read Ephesians 1……WE LIVE FOR GOD Sons of Issachar LIVE and KNOW and SEE…in the supernatural…THE WORD made FLESH and in –dwelling inside YOU since the foundations of the world we where with HIM and HE is with us NOW…..JESUS IS LORD..MAKE HIM SO….you can go HIGHER as you go DEEPER into THE WORD and HE applies Himself into YOU as you accept THAT..of I AM THAT I AM..IT IS HIS WILL HIS WAY…you WILL have LOVE and RESPECT, HONOR, and THE BLESSING of the gift being opened UP in YOU…for this is ALL ABOUT–Yeshua- GOD- JESUS, Holy Spirit….as HE works HIS WORK in us..He who BEGAN a GOOD WORK in YOU WILL perfect IT..Phil 1:6