The Abana River( El Barada) the name of a river that flows through Damascus. mentioned in the Bible only in  II Kings 5;12, where Naaman says, Are not Abana and Pharar , rivers of Damascus, Better than all the waters of Israel? It is called by the Greeks the Chrysorrhoas (golden stream)and is the same as the modern Barada, beginning about 23 miles NW of Damascus, in the mountains, it flows through Damascus, making the city, though bordering on a desert, one of the loveliest & Most fertile on earth. It divides into nine or ten branches, and spreads out like an open fan into the plain east of Damascus!for more than 4 thousand years the capital of one gov or another , Damascus, a prize for which nation after nation went to war, a city whose boast for centuries has been…written was said–” The WORLD  began at Damascus , and the world will end there”boasts many we know IT..It is a modern focal point between many that Love IT, center to tourism and Focal Point NOW and interest of unrest.Written for the memory of a great city–was Paul who had been in route there to arrest the believers, then Saul was transformed into Paul in 3 days! What an OUT-RESURRECTION..!Acts 9: 1-18 He escaped his enemies of that city at that”” time-down”” the wall as by being let TO BE(hidden) in a “basket”!From a baby in a the fullness MAN of GOD-also allowing GOD to protect him in a mere basket..WHAT TRUST was the beginnings and continuing’s  of a Man of GOD…in such a manner as GOD decides through His servants…a suggestion to all WHOM need a whale,an bow in the sky, a reminder that Jesus is very man servants that will even again be USED to escort  BUT VERY GOD and will use THE VICTORY in JESUS with acceleration of what and who is AVAILABLE…to DO HIS WILL…even to the saving through even/and as ARK—–that is of COVENANT..and all we DO IS Believe to Receive…

some of this info written from the Zondervan Pictorial Bible Dfollowhim2-1 scan0010ictionary copyright 1963


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