BELIEVING GOD’S WORD NOW IS–WORSHIP HIM without seeing anything BUT WHAT YOU KN OW HE HAS ALREADY DONE and HE WILL DO IT AGAIN..IF YOUR head and heart conflict- doubt and fear rage on–CHOOSE GOD’S WORD over those negative inner self thoughts…THEY ARE NOT YOU..YOU BELIEVE GOD and want to express WHO YOU ARE TOO–THE IMAGE OF GOD–THERE is power in the blood of JESUS — THANK HIM–NOW and BE WHOLE IN HIM -JESUS in on the throne ….LET IT BE …IN YOUR HEART Today…TOTALLY don’t come in half-steppin’. you fence sitter..move off—COME IN ALL THE WAY..BE VICTOR’S TOTALLY in the power of the HOLY GHOST!THANK U FOR YOUR MERCY-SEAT..Beloved of GOD move into your DESTINY!!
I HAVE THE MIND OF CHRIST..that is why we Agree with HIS WORDS..totally. we praise GOD WITH AN ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE—DAVID praised GOD and lost his cloths for all he wanted to do..was glorify GOD for WHO HE IS….Come on-LIFT UP THE NAME OF JESUS right THERE…THE LORD IS WITH YOU–BLESS THE LORD TODAY!WE GO FREE—–I do not entertain vain imaginations…I THINK GOD THOUGHTS of an expected END–JER. 29:11—WE HAVE ALREADY WON…OUR GOD IS GLORIOUS AND REIGNS SUPREME!!
  ALL THE ESTHERS STAND UP….or are you going to let me get all the RE-REWARDS–from my heavenly FATHER through JESUS by the power of power of THE HOLY GHOST..I BELIEVE & receive ALL!WE ARE NOT WANNA BE’S….WE HAVE WON..VICTORY is past tense..JESUS..NOW..JESUS..ahead..JESUS–HE GOES BEFORE YOU PREPARING, RESTORING, in HIS VICTORY! GRACE AND PEACE BE multiplied to you today!THE LOVE OF GOD HAS CONSUMED me…I SEE YOU TOO..not getting burned but Jesus standing in there WITH you! GOD BLESS you all!Image


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