LET US ALL Live and Post IN THE JOY OF THE LORD..—the GOOD NEWS OF the GOSPEL is THE going-to the top of the mulberry TREE..and SEEING the GLORY OF GOD cause you will be STANDING IN THE MT. ZION of your REDEMPTION at THIS POINT!!John 3:34 FOR he whom GOD hath sent speaketh THE WORDS OF GOD: for GOD giveth not the Spirit by measure UNTO HIM. He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting LIFE: and he that believeth NOT the Son shall not SEE LIFE: but the wrath of God abideth on him. John 3: 34,35  – to the future God has given us as Alpha & Omega– by THE Beginning of the reading with acceptance of WHAT GOD SPEAKS to YOU by precious HOLY GHOST.. the WORD IS THE allowing HIM to come INTO your living life to GIVE you life more abundantly SO YOU CAN SHARE HIM and that takes COURAGE to swim UP THE STREAM….in the prophetic WORD OF GOD & then YOU “”come back “..not to THE OLD..”yourself “”BUT AS GOD’S you walk out of those problems, yokes, depressions, oppressions,diseases IN the JOY OF THE LORD..THE SECRET PLACE is THE DEEP expression of the LOVE do not have to ease INTO HIM..HE forcefully COMES INTO YOU BY the “”FORCE–of PASSION of HIS LOVE”taking BACK what belongs to HIM..You are the treasure hidden in the earthen vessel.spirit to spirit…JESUS and YOU ARE ONE. sharing the power, the LOVE, THE JOY, the PEACE of GOD..( as He has accepted YOU into the BELOVED and you do not have to stay on THE SAME LEVEL of just existing..LOOKING for another shopping around day of let me see what will satisfy me”thingy”….or that you live for a “”human”” or the human experience for your time is short and you just need to LIVE the GOLD..COME know inwardly THERE IS MORE to all THIS than meets your mere eyes…Read Ephesians 1……WE LIVE FOR GOD Sons of Issachar LIVE and KNOW and SEE…in the supernatural…THE WORD made FLESH and in –dwelling inside YOU since the foundations of the world we where with HIM and HE is with us NOW…..JESUS IS LORD..MAKE HIM SO….you can go HIGHER as you go DEEPER into THE WORD and HE applies Himself into YOU as you accept THAT..of I AM THAT I AM..IT IS HIS WILL HIS WAY…you WILL have LOVE and RESPECT, HONOR, and THE BLESSING of the gift being opened UP in YOU…for this is ALL ABOUT–Yeshua- GOD- JESUS, Holy Spirit….as HE works HIS WORK in us..He who BEGAN a GOOD WORK in YOU WILL perfect IT..Phil 1:6


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