Miracle of Sight…

Miracles…II Kings 6:13-17. King of Syria sent spies & sent horses,chariots,great host against.Elisha. So in the morning the whole city was surrounded against Elisha. Servant of man of God rose early & said 2 Elisha .Alas, my master..How shall we do? (Here comes the miracle). He answered. Fear not: for they that be with us Are More than they that be with them.! Then Elisha prayed..Lord, I pray thee..OPEN HIS EYES ..that he may SEE…And The Lord opened his eyes..& BEHOLD the mountain was full of horses, chariots and FIRE round about Elisha from heaven on their behalf…..It was not those that where stopped that tried to come against Elisha…that was the miracle.nor ..on-going YES of .GOD”S provision with protection ….but the BIG ONE THIS TIME…was..the miracle that God opened Eyes of servant with the prayer and with the receiving of the sight immediately in the supernatural realm…. Plus in The Glory of God And Now You.. concerning your Need..See with eyes of faith which allow US to BE FREE of Fears, doubts and unbelief…


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