IN A CHESS is strategy–WHO WINS is usually the WISE ONE..that has WATCHED many times TO SEE right MOVE at RIGHT TIME—
I pray all “”the trauma”” of”” YYY”””” -your-yester-years –NOW turn into the testimony of “”HGGI””HOW GREAT GOD IS “”” & always has been and WILL BE—as HE HAS PROMISED OVER AND OVER IN HIS WORD OF COVENANT TO US ALL—that He loves us and WE overcome, are the head and not the tail,. we are above and not beneath..and are seated in Heavenly places in Christ Jesus—–HE SPEAKS TO KEEP you in a sound mind, power , and LOVE and full of FAITH FOR YOUR—“””TAC”””—– TOMORROW”S ARE COMING-YOU do LOOK and ACT better in all your tomorrows…God through power of the Holy Ghost is working in and on you & through YOU!
WHO would or even try to CAN STOP< BLOCK >OR GIVE OTHER DIRECTIONS TO  THE SHEEP WHO KNOW GOD’S VOICE?–We LIVE FOREVER–in a place we choose NOW-where ARE YOU GOING in THE FUTURE as this mere jacket that we are housed in as a natural walking stick will fade and your spirit MUST be activated for LIVING the THE Millennial REIGN of CHRIST for 1000 yrs…we are pulling from the power of the age to come. HAVE YOU READ THE MANUAL of EMMANUEL??..BUT WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU ARE ACTUALLY GOING- LET IT BE with joy unspeakable and full of HIS GLORY–GOD HIMSELF is COMING DOWN AGAIN to TOUCH HIS PEOPLE with Restoration with transformation so that we can put our hand in the fire and will not get burnt…PAUL DID so many things to let us know just HOW Imagethings will be here soon…it  will be so…undeniably HE HAS CREATED and WILL REMAKE ALL THINGS IN HIM–JESUS!!!!


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