Blessings of The LOrd Making Us RIch!

GOD is GOOD all the TIME & through out eternity….that is a LONG LONG TIME—WE ARE BLESSED FOREVER!!

…Be comforted in HIS WORD –Jesus was broken for US and HE gave Himself for us..and HIS spoken WORD to YOU personally is FOREVER laid OUT as A COVENANT in HIS BLOOD.HOW AWESOME IS HE…..I am here to TELL YOU..that GOD has our LIVES in the Palms of HIS HANDS- we ARE the APPLE of HIS EYE so HE has a single EYE right on YOU TODAY!!…. so GIVE Your LIFE back to HIM daily.. all of it..get rid of your heavy load..Give it back to Him –your LIFE in CHRIST every second if need be to HIM as a offering..a sacrifice of PRAISE especially when your mind- or a thought unlike WHO GOD IS comes & tells you differently… for your enemy is devious & has access to air waves to try to promotes lies there( it is a battle for your mind in a big time way) & there is no truth in the evil ones and if you believe what you think that flies through your mind as a truth when it is wicked… u r thinking wrongly and will react and say things wrongly .consequence is…then that is when your soul sinks..You won’t be…I know what I say about this–you WON’T be able to soar with the EAGLES with your JOY OF THE LORD THAT IS YOUR STRENGTH…SO command Your Morning with Binding THE WORD of GOD to YOUR mind, heart ,soul ,with His strength by only believing what Jesus says in the WORD and read His WORDS over and over and SAY HIS WORDS when firey darts of enemy comes against you…for .GOD WILL DO WHAT HE SAYS HE WILL DO FOR YOU.SO COME against enemy with >>>>IT IS WRITTEN as Jesus has given us this example in Matt. 4:10 so with all this in THE MIND of CHRIST in HIS FULLNESS.PRAISE YE THE LORD….The Vision you really are and WHO GOD says YOU ARE….if it tarries we WAIT( that is what is called “”occupy”” in HIS GRACE that is sufficient for everything– while HE COMETH) is HIS TIMING, SEASON, and FASHION of HIS and OUR invincibility…HE ALWAYS WINS is never defeated, never brought to shame, guilt or condemnation as Jesus Righteousness COVERS US as we are activated even the more in HIS WORDS and SO NOW WE DO WELL—to JUST RECEIVE ALL and WALK IN THE ALL inclusiveness of HIS JOY, LOVE, PEACE with understanding and wisdom!!..


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