Blessings all around YOU NOW!

HOW LONG DO YOU PRE-SUPPOSE THAT YOU WILL KEEP LIVING THE LIFE GOD GAVE YOU…THE SAME WAY YOU ARE LIVING it NOW? DON’T you think HE HAS MORE FOR YOU besides the little 4-square you are living in called your fortress~~~the walls of JERICHO came down and so can yours ~~GIVE THE WHOLE SITUATION TO JESUS—NOW,,,,cry out to HIM HE IS might be prospering in one area BUT YOU DO need JESUS IN ALL AREAS OF YOUR LIFE>>HE HAS IT THAT WAY SO YOU DO NOT LET HIM OUT OF YOUR LIFE —OR YOU HAVE NO LIFE and what you have is existence , emptiness and no reality of fullness of JESUS..HE HAS IT FOR YOU!!..maybe you don’t need to hear this..someone else does..CALL THOSE WHO REALLY COME ACROSS YOUR HEART in your prayer closet AND GIVE THEM A GOOD WORD FROM GOD SO THEY CAN GO ON INTO THE GLORY OF GOD AND WALK IN PURPOSE AND DESTINY!This said in SEC10726488_10203139064385254_1240173589_nRET can BE MADE TO BE SO as YOU BELIEVE for others that can not SEE THINGS YET?!If you can not touch them PRAY FOR THEM YOUR PRAYERS–given the fact you are in right standing with GOD through Jesus( I pray you be forgiven and go on into greater things of GOD–then you will really prosper first spiritually then naturally)– then you will touch His Heart and HE responds with great grace!!Your religious rituals will not work in a real relationship…HE WANTS YOUR HEART…it is broken and he can fix it~~ Instead of getting bitter and criticizing others for there progress in can KNOW HIM FOR YOUR SELF as LOVER< SAVIOUR< DELIVERER< AND HEALER>>THIS IS WHAT YOU REALLY NEED IN THE COMING YEAR!!


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