MANY WATERS..cannot quench LOVE..neither can floods drown IT: if a man (or woman) would give ALL the substance( faith is the substance of things HOPED FOR–the evidence)–again THE WORD SPEAKS–say.. would GIVE ALL the substance of his(or her) house FOR LOVE, it would utterly be contemned. Songs of Solomon 8:8-14
THE brothers agreed “”to keep__ her virtuous(for which some did not have this divine intervention–even from our natural fathers–being GOT SOLD OUT)The Shulamite woman..was a wall..not a door–she tried to keep herself VIRTUOUS..& DID–by Grace of GOD–so can YOU!
vs 10 I AM a wall, & my chest like towers: then was I IN HIS EYES as ONE THAT FOUND FAVOR.
THE Shulamite woman DEMANDS THE REWARD– for she kept her own vineyard & no part of her had been rendered as property of any man….( we can put a demand from the prophet ‘s anointing with reward-as our GIVING MOVES mountains with our FAITH(Jesus) as our LORD!!

THIS IS FOR the many…WHO have kept themselves…not been “”rented”” out (lately) as the woman at the WELL–who was never really LOVED,CELEBRATED…only tolerated…… BUT she kept trying to find HER LOVE..HER BELOVED..HER ISHI! ImageWITH JESUS we HAVE IT ALL..for HE IS OUR ALL IN ALL!
vs 14 MAKE HASTE…MY BELOVED.. & BE thou LIKE a roe or to a Young hart upon the Shulamite NOW “owns” -belongs, GIVEN himself for–( AS HE IS SO ARE WE—IN HIM)him as her beloved.He is to hasten to her NOW and ever….no longer over the mountains that separated them(Songs of Solomon 2:8,17) FOR these NOW have given PLACE to the MOUNTAINS of DELIGHT!


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