ALL THINGS CHANGE AS GOD BREATHES————on and IN US! THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS IN YOU and I…open UP and SHOUT…for the walls are down..YOU can step into THE WILL OF GOD by full surrender–THAT will take GOD dealing with YOU on and in your atmosphere– YES. atmospheric pressure for gravitational pulls and laws…have got TO BE SO unless/FOR –SO TO BE THAT oxygen must be pushed into our bodies, plants, animals…we were SLAPPED to GET our first breath——-we continue to breathe..AND AS GOD breaths..something has got to come out for DIVINE INTERVENTION to COME IN…HOLY SPIRIT POWER COME ON IN—-GOD BLESS YOU….the church of THE RISEN SAVIOUR, HEALER, PROVIDER, PROTECTOR—and all that has been stolen….IS HERE NOW…use THAT for the humanitarian part of GOD….GIVE TO THE VINE…JESUS…ISRAEL IS FOREVER! AMERICA is the branches…WE ARE FOREVER….SO GIVE LIFE to THOSE in the most need NOW–as GOD HATH SAID….Desktop-Bible-Verse-Wallpaper-1-Corinthians-1-8


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