R U____(put your name there) ON BOARD…THIS LIFE TRAIN THAT IS ETERNAL….amen…HOLY GHOST POWER IS POWERING US UP FOR THIS GREAT MAGNANIMOUS GRACE RELEASE “”ON ALL”” IN THE TRANSFORMING ANOINTING ” IN US ALL AS YOU ACCEPT ( if HE has not come to YOU yet..HE IS AT YOUR DOOR–LET HIM IN–or your systems of heaven will not get powered up for the exploits about to take place from the secret place—the POWER-3rd person of GOD-THE HOLY SPIRIT-He has a language to give you that you will not have to study to talk..He talks through YOU( This is for the fearless of the HOLY THINGS OF GOD)-in the fullness, wholeness of GOD’S LOVE- WE ARE NOW SHARING FOR THE NEXT 1000 yr reign IN CHRIST JESUS–as body of CHRIST–HE BEING THE HEAD–we in perspective places—not as we R NOW—BUT AS WATER-WALKER—yeah don’t have to DIG IT—YOU ARE IT!!

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