WATER-WALKING TALK HERE AND NOW!!!Psychology will not help YOU just brings up the root problems and causes us to have mental descent back.NOW—.for CHANGE IS COMING FROM THE POWER OF THE AGE TO COME—YOU ARE BEYOND THE LIMITS OF THE NATURAL–NOW in the last of the MAGNANIMOUS GRACE DISPENSATION!!!!THERE has been the provision to TRANSFORMATION with THAT ANOINTING TO DO THIS CHANGE IN YOU NOW!!DO U BELIEVE FOR THE —REST!!J er 29:11—AMEN..THE EXPECTED END to go into the NEW BEGINNING—-I don’t have a payment for THIS–I have THIS IN ME..being traned for decades..IT HAS BEEN PRODUCING GREAT RESULTS ETERNALLY AND NATURALLY FOR YEARS…….I FREELY GIVE MY TIME and REVELATION –to wit– that U will GO FREE THIS INDEPENDENCE DAY BEFORE IT IS A SHALL BE!!!Don’t you like to have a movie that YOU KNOW WINS HAPPY..there is always a struggle or fight in each movie whether outwardly or inwardly..that is HOW IT stretches your emotions, will to believe what they show you and WHAT ABOUT YOUR SPIRIT….you always win in your spirit cause GOD PUT FAITH IN THERE and YOU constantly work out your salvation with fear and trembling ..YOU JUST DIDN’t KNOW god-JESUS >HIS WORD and especially power of THE HOLY GHOST TO GET HIS WORK DONE IN YOU(on consent)
THIS WHAT IS ON MY DADDY-GOD’S HEART FOR THIS IS RELATIONSHIP OF TRUE LOVE FOREVER is our as fellowship with JESUS is reconciliation to the FATHER with power of the HOLY part of HIM LEFT OUT!!!You are connected so COME ON INTO HIS REALM OF GLORY—-catch the wave FIRST..THE VIP SECTION IS OPEN FIRST….pay the price of entry.JESUS DID IT ALL yet we with FAITH OF GOD must..BELIEVE BEYOND YOUR OWN CAPACITY in natural and KNOW GOD FOR YOURSELF supernaturally—-as YOU have been tried in your faith and found —YOU CAN DO THIS AS GOD HATH SAID!!!!THE FAITH WALK___ON WATER…NOW IS WINE AND WE ARE DRINKING HIM IN__HA!HA!HA!with JOY MUCH JOY OF THE LORD as strategies of evil are over and WE GO FORTH and are continually being SAVED and RAISED UP in those heavenly places in CHRIST JESUS seated with HIM–!A MORE FIRM BEGINNING & Beautiful ENDLESS ETERNAL ORDER– IN THIS IS TO— read THE WORD AND HE READS YOU –then HE talks to YOU to give you and expected end JER 29!:11—for you have a personal relationship and Fathers always talk to their daughters as JESUS DOES I AM THAT I AM– in us and so WE SPEAK HIM OUT LOUD BY SAYING HIS WORDS TO YOUR ATMOSPHERE(prophecy with authority in JESUS NAME) & power of the HOLY GHOST does the WORK in eternal PLAN!!THIS IS PROCESS by faith IN THE MAGNANIMOUS GOD WE NOW SERVE WITH WORSHIP!( that is through-out service to THE KING in our perspective places now being chosen as YOU RECEIVE HIM INTO your spirit for further knowledge, understanding and BEING SENT INTO THE NEXT–of 1000 yr REIGN IN JESUS , OF JESUS, and FOR JESUS on and in this EARTH!


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