With many passing away~especially MOTHER, FATHERS ones over us at times~~Kathy’s thoughts are~~ even Christ Jesus reassigned His Mother to another apostle before HE DIED then rose again to Bring Glory to Father GOD! This took place for Jesus still had to be about His Father’s Business IN HEAVEN~~~Mother Mary served her purpose and so do those in our lives…so we all release loved ones whomever they may be~~at what time God calls them HOME~THE WORK they where sent to do was complete so it was, so it is~~It is like the meta-morphosis of the lava to caterpillar to finally the butterfly that moves on in flight! FLY ON~~ YOU LOVELY ONES>>WE SHALL MEET YOU OVER YONDER WHEN JESUS COMES FOR US IN THE CLOUDS SOON AND VERY SOON WE ALL WILL SEE THE KING! AMEN! B!GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOUR SOULS! I LOVE YOU!


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