JOB’s TRIALS in 1~DAY this is THAT DAY!

Phil. 1: 28 AND in nothing terrified by your adversaries: which is to them an evident token of perdition, but to you of salvation, and that of GOD! SO~~~~~~NEVERTHELESS~~~ I AM NOT moved by my adversary for they (IT) wants us to set our mind on them (666) and not GOD and YESHUA reigns supreme…HE IS ALL IN not convert to going down to their level. it is a CRAB bucket you get in with them in conflict…(instead of being in heavenly places in Christ JESUS)going down~~ you put yourself in that bucket~~ they will keep pulling on you and you can’t get out..JUST cry out for mercy for them now ~PRAY FOR YOUR ENEMIES and go on in your walk alone as ABRAHAM did..we R alone but fulfilled in JESUS! IT IS SUPERNATURAL AMEN! THIS IS SEEN IN HEAVENLY PLACES! AMEN!


One thought on “JOB’s TRIALS in 1~DAY this is THAT DAY!

  1. THERE IS A REST ~~HE HAS FOR YOU..we are not moved by what the enemy wants you to pursue. We pursue Christ JESUS and all HE has IN and BY HIS WORD to US and HE gives us liberally what we need..Sometimes it is a persecutor after spirit realm~~ rebuke it NOW as I stand with U there in I agreement ~~satan I rebuke you and he has got to leave you~~the people who try to torment as part of this drama. will stop.It is not part of our life style to be constantly is illegal super`naturally~~ there is time for it and this is not the time.. we walk in love and pray for those who have used it to get to us in unbelief! Remember the story of Joseph.. his brothers sent him into a destiny that ultimately incorporated there own goo will..all things are working for the good to those who LOVE GOD and HIS purposes~~AMEN!BE successful in God as your SOUL HEALS from brokenness and you BE ONCE WHOLE IN HIM! I LOVE YOU ALL!

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