God is WOrking for you now!


This is a series of books that will be taught, spoken and watched at the same time…to evaluate it before its time and measure its accuracy is not a position we, the church takes…WE OPERATE IN THE POWER OF THE WORD AND BRING THOSE THINGS FORTH THAT WE SPEAK IMMEDIATELY>>IT is” Acceleration TIME!”THAT MEANS YOU DIE TO SELF- OR FLESH WAYS AS SARAH THOUGHT in her heart to have Hagar( the old system of unbelief)to bring the son (promise of Isaac)forth AND with U BELIEVING GOD WITH ALL YOUR HEART BY JESUS CHRIST AND HIS EXAMPLES AND HIS WORDS>>> YOU COME ALIVE IN CHRIST JESUS to do the greater!It is a time that never WAS and NEVER will be again…buy into it by the purchased price of the blood of Jesus<<<<>& AS YOU WALK IT OUT YOU WILL TEACH OTHERS AND THEY WILL MISUNDERSTAND YOU FOR THEY DID JESUS EVEN AS THEY RECEIVED HIS WORKS(that was of the Father-for when u saw Jesus you saw the Father) so it is with us!!Give and it shall be given unto U? What does that mean to U?
There is never a free meal..u will not digest IT..It will flow?
It will go into the marrow of the bones where the fire of the Holy Ghost IS? Oh U thought the Word of GOD WAS FREE>>>Jesus paid the price…SO WILL U! This is a new system and IT COST’s Him His Life and it will cause you to have LIFE and IT more abundantly BUT THERE IS A PRICE….your old system for HIS NEW ONE!…You have to lay it down for it is death!Not so bad though..for looking back it was sweet victory with some misunderstandings!But those who endure receiveth the Prize of the high calling in Christ Jesus. Do u suppose that High calling is living life LARGE here…this salvation is eternal….it stretches beyond our four walls of a time span that we are “aloted’ to gain ground and give God glory with His faith in operation in us. we started with innocent child like faith but we are ending with new beginnings with Jesus in us as not just a fraction…but the fullness with wholeness and we knew that from the start just had some trying times getting Him worked in us (so we thought) He worketh all in all in us… thank u Jesus for that revelation.


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