The love of joy to others is giving to receive!

We plant seeds daily by our using the time that we have been given to bring to pass that which we see ! Our faith is focused on what the Kingdom of God wants ! I will first explain what it is not..These things I have found from being under others in submission to the authority of God as I supposed!.1) The imposters try to convince others that they are so intuned with God that he speaks only to them…then we must hear them, “pay them”–either with our utmost attention-as honoring them higher than God himself, by tithes and offerings( then months later they say –Why are you not blessed more..I have beenpouring into your life AND look how  blessed I am with material things–Why aren’t you? 2)  So then firing back with jealousy that they want us to have for them:they know we will not get anywhere in the flesh so if we have not gone anywhere(in God as they know we have been poisoned by them in some areas)  they try to get us into un-forgiveness (so God will not hear our prayers)at this point we are trying to sift through all the places where we sinned,we missed teh mark, and where we are now more broken than before with more trust issues towards leaders! We where tramatised by looking always to them( and not to God with relationship totally ) so that is why this happened by hind-sight 3)  then with their sinful, lustful nature of satan they supposed that we would keep them as our “God-here on earth”(this of course, is Jezebel Spirit, by the way), they thought to use the Word of God to perlex us rather than deliver us so that “we” may stay stuck in a rut. Being under the law:We did not realize this grace>Rom. 4:6 Even as David also describeth the blessedness of the man, unto whom God imputeth righteousness without works.Instead of  them as pastors over us who were commissioned to deliver the Word in its purity plus pouring that into us with the power of the Holy Ghost  (that they never had)-they could not operate by love with the faith they had!They only could operate in what they had read and not what they walked out personally for they could not believe that far!! So in thronged by all of this, yet having relationship with the Father by Jesus andhaving power in the Holy Ghost: We cried out as did Israel, we had relationship so GOD…..delivered us, as he always had before and we go free everytime!This was much surprise to all of the nay sayers that just keep going about condemning the righteous and expecting others to believe their theology! Now we have learned what not to be!! This is what it ought to be!Rom. 3 For what saith the scripture? Abraham believed God, and it was counted unto him for righteousness! Well you say, what could all this mean! You have one verse of scripture to verify faith and what it all intells..yes, God’s Word will go into any area of your life and since you relate to tragedy so well and have experienced this trauma too that I have explained,( God knows all), you can go free to do NOW what God would have you to do just with the faith that he has already given you and has been worked inall of us by our circumstance. It is an inner working of this faith..Phil 1:6 He who has begun a good work in you will perfect it….! I love you! Graciously thankful Dr. Elaine


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